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Video Testimonial Production

When a person lands on your website you have, on average, less than a minute to convince them to your company is worth a closer look before they click away. Also consider most internet users see dozens of websites of day, which means you must make your website stand out and quickly. The most effective marketing strategies must be used to keep a viewer on your site. One of the most effective methods is the testimonial. Testimonials are a well known for gaining your potential customer’s trust but in the age of instant search and one-click purchasing, simply reading a testimonial or two may not be enough.



Imagine what would happen if your customer lands on your site and with a click can view a video testimonial from a real customer. You have just given your customer someone to relate to, a real person who can tell them, “Yes, this worked for me!” An authentic, unscripted video testimonial can quickly earn your viewer’s interest and trust. By having a current customer testify to the desirability and usefulness of your product or service, you have upped your perceived value. This means you have just given your website’s visitor a reason to become a customer by providing them the mental image of who they will able after purchasing your product or service: happy, satisfied, and enthusiastic about their recent purchase.

So stay competitive by distinguishing your company from all others with personal, relatable video testimonials to get the most out of your website. MindBOX Productions will help you create this essential content to help convert your website visitors into paying customers.


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