Video Production for e-MDs Solutions

Mindbox Productions Creates Online Video Production for e-MDs

Mindbox Productions, a premier video production company, provides a sophisticated and integrated suite of video and audio services to clients and organizations of all stripes, from small-budget establishments to conglomerates needing big, complex video solutions – such as Ford, Sony, Cisco and Bellaheim Homes.

Mindbox Productions’ expertise spans a hodgepodge of customized services, including TV commercials, video and film production, and video production – be it corporate or personalized.The Company has recently produced marketing videos for e-MDs, injecting creative life into the client’s new solutions and products.

nMotion for iPad
Mindbox Productions used state-of-the-art technology and a wide array of audio, video and text to highlight the various features e-MDs’ Chart iPad offers. These features include flow sheets and clinical reminders to workflow tools, prescribing capabilities, note taking at points of care, and integrated documentation. Chart iPad also enables users to keep up with pending orders by monitoring work queues, to manage in-office patient rooms, to document and track patient visits, and to get a detailed analysis of patient data.

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Cloud Solutions
Mindbox Productions used captivating, eye-grabbing features in e-MDs’ Cloud Solutions videos. Using the latest graphics and video software, the Company highlighted such specific features as medical documentation, clinical efficiency, intelligent order entry, and increased interoperability. e-MDs also provides users with a bring-your-own device systems and enables health practitioners to access patient data charts as long as they have an Internet connection.

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Solutions Series
Mindbox Productions’ video and audio experts create the e-MDs’ Solutions Series video, to shed light on the client’s powerful practice management software and integrated EHR. The Solutions Series product helps users cope with client management, enables health specialists to optimize patient care, quickens the income cycle, and prevents duplication in data and work. The product also improves in-office interaction and work, integrating activities with data sources.

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