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How TV Commercials Can Strengthen Your Business

The first television commercial appeared in 1941 when Bulova paid $9 for a 20-second advertisement promoting its clocks. At the 2011 Super Bowl, a 30-second commercial was worth $3 million. It is no secret that TV advertising has grown to become one of the most-effective ways to reach the masses.



Professionally produced corporate videos can be powerful promotional tools for several reasons:

  1. Americans love to watch TV. The Neilson Co. reports that the average American watches about four hours of TV daily, which is the equivalent of two full months of non-stop TV-viewing every year. Ninety million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, and many were as interested in the commercials as in the game itself. There is no question that TV advertising can get a company’s message out to a larger and broader cross-section of people than magazine or newspaper promotion can.
  2. Well-designed TV commercials can pack a huge amount of material into a very short time slot. The goal is to provide the audience with enough interesting information to create a desire to know more. Once viewers take that next step and follow up their interest, there is an excellent chance a sale will be made or a service hired.
  3. When a need arises, most people act rather quickly by contacting friends, family members or business associates for referrals to companies or services that can fix their problem. However, for those who are not immediately facing a problem or decision, TV commercials act as constant reminders of what is available when they may face a situation in the future. When the time to buy or hire arrives, they will remember the ads they saw so often on TV, especially the well-crafted ones.
  4. Because TV commercials can offer more-creative, appealing formats, they are usually remembered much longer than magazine, newspaper or mass-mailing ads. In fact, viewers actually look forward to repeated ads that strike a resonant chord or are truly entertaining.
  5. The visual benefits of TV commercials allow companies to appeal to the emotional side of viewers in powerful ways. By playing to the audience’s senses, they can effectively change attitudes. Politicians devote huge amounts of their campaign finances to this very purpose.

By incorporating catchy jingles, previously recorded popular songs, catch phrases, humor, animation and surprise effects, well-designed TV commercials can be powerful advertising tools for any business or service. You may not be able to afford the Super Bowl rates, but you can still promote your company effectively when you tap into other relevant areas of today’s television market.


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