SXSW 2012

SXSW Film Festival 2012

SXSW 2012 Festival Planned in 3 Parts for Early March

SXSW 2012There is a two step online system that lets the SXSW community to be heard in film, interactive programming and music related conferences for this year. The first step is to give the community an opportunity to enter proposals for SXSW programming. The second step would allow other community members to browse all of the ideas and rate the proposals they like from best to worst. In 2012, the week for the festival will be March 9 to 18th. From March 9-13, SXSW will have its Interactive Festival; From March 9 through 18th, SXSW will have its film festival and conference while the Music Festival will round out the events March 14-18.

SXSW events are held in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center amongst other hotels and venues in the city. There will be some overlapping of events, but all three events will remain separate. People with an interest in creativity, new media and entrepreneurism will be attracted to what the SXSW Interactive event has to offer. The Interactive event and workshop will examine more advanced and technical ideas for the Interactive future. The SXSW Film event will explore traditional film and new digital formats and how the form of visual storytelling can be improved. New developments in storytelling, distribution, creativity and audience building for films in this age of digital recording will be looked at. Music professionals will come together in the world of music for the SXSW Musical event. These professionals are looking at ways of improving the overall creative side of the music business as well as the market for performance and recording. There will be workshops with hands on experience with the growing the market for performance and recordings on an individual and collective level.

It is important to be specific and show that you are doing a lot of thought and planning. These two elements are key to having a successful session. Proposals for the SXSW 2012 Festival were taken on August 5, 2011. There are several categories representing many micro-events that comprise the SXSW Festival. The presentations that will represent each category will be grouped together regarding location and time slot.

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