Sony PMW-F5

Sony PMW-F5 Review

Review of the Sony PMW-F5: Our Newest Addition

MindBOX Productions has just added a sleek new Sony PMW-F5 to our company equipment stash. While this means another source of beautiful high-res images for us to work with, it also means our customers will continue to be provided with great products from the latest technology. The following review on the Sony PMW-F5 highlights some of our favorite features in this camera.

Shooting High Def
The Sony PMW-F5 is capable of shooting in gorgeous HD 4K detail–even for projects you are planning to edit and distribute in HD 2K. Whether you are shooting for digital theatre projectors or web ads, the Sony F5 is able to go above and beyond ordinary HD cameras with texture reproduction, color accuracy, superior detail and high frequency contrast in every frame.
– Shoot in HD, 2K or 4K
– Up to 11.6 MP 4K sensor (8.9 effective MP)
– Record 4K RAW at up to 60 fps
– Record 2K RAW at up to 240 fps

This means beautiful detail and picture for our customers, regardless of your project scope! The Sony F5 has an ability to shoot in amazing detail and then be formatted to the needs of each individual project.

Color and Exposure
The ability to capture deep colors and a full range of tones is vital to obtaining a beautiful product. The Sony F5 is designed to be able to retain detail in the brightest highlights and a minimum amount of image noise in the shadows of each shoot. This capability enables us to capture exquisite images and stunning tonal range–even in blazing sunlight. The F5 allows for a much larger range of lighting techniques and locations.
– S-Log 2 Gamma extends to 1300% of nominal peak white
– 14 stops of exposure latitude
– 16 bit linear RAW

Sony notes about the F5, “Cinematographers paint their images with light and shadow. So the ability to render tones from deepest shadows to brightest highlights is a crucial test of any digital camera. The F5 excels, with 14 stops of exposure latitude.”

Lightweight and Versatile
This camera is portable and easy to tote at only 4lbs 14oz. This small and lightweight camera is perfect for projects requiring a lot of movement and mobility. Sony designed the F5 for handheld and shoulder-mounted shooting. Versatile modularity, and the ability to add accessories, gives us the flexibility to find the right configuration for each job. Even the shoulder rig, designed for comfort as well as balance, allows us the freedom to shoot for hour after hour.

As Sony puts it:
The camera is highly modular, a major advantage whenever size and weight are primary concerns. Sony spent two years in close consultation with cinematographers and ACs. In particular, they focused on the ergonomics of handheld and shoulder-mounted shooting. The result is an ergonomic design unlike any previous Sony camera. It starts with a highly compact camera that builds up with modules to form an elegant, unified system.

Additional Features We Love
There are a lot of other great qualities about the Sony F5 that don’t directly impact our customers, but are a huge advantage to us! From easy connection accessibility, to longer-living batteries, Sony has come through with smart features in the F5 that have us excited about this camera.
– Long-life Olivine battery
– Quick charger
– One-touch interface with assignable buttons
– Numerous connections for workflow options
– Still, PL, and FZ mount support
– SxS PRO+ media slot
– Rated ISO 2000
– High-speed shooting (120 fps in 2k, 60 fps 4K RAW)

MindBOX Productions is excited about the addition of this camera and the quality it adds to our company equipment. After heavily reviewing this camera, and in-depth testing of it’s abilities, we are ready to start using the F5 for our customer’s projects! This great piece of equipment is just one more advantage MindBOX brings to the table for your video production needs.

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