Our Work

MindBOX Productions – Austin, TX: Here you can find some of our most recent works. We take pride in the level of quality and service that we provide for our customers, and we feel that our work will separate us from our competition.

When you hire us to create your video production, your project becomes our project, your vision becomes our vision, and your deadline becomes our deadline.  That’s why when it’s time to choose a video production company to convey your message, there is only one choice.

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  • E-MDs Conference Video

    E-MDs Event Reel

    A commercial inviting attendees to the yearly conference that E-MDs hosts for educating medical clinics on software functionality.

  • Neurobiologix TV commercial

    Neurobiologix Commercial

    A quick one minute national TV spot for Neurobiologix: provider of medical supplements.

  • First Serve Tennis Q3 2013

    First Serve Tennis

    Our third quarterly update commercial for First Serve Tennis in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Yodle Video Production

    Yodle – Inc.com Award Video

    Yodle called us up again in need of a video highlighting the founders of their company for an upcoming award.

  • Huston Tillotson University Dr. Earvine

    Huston Tillotson University

    A quick video honoring President of HTU, Dr. Larry Earvin, whose tremendous contributions have helped push the school to great accomplishments in Austin, Texas.

  • e-MDS Video Production

    E-MDs Cloud Solutions

    MindBOX Productions video and audio experts created the e-MDs’ Solutions Series video, to shed light on the client’s powerful practice management software and integrated EHR.

  • Corporate Video Production

    IPD Testimonial

    Testimonial Video for the Institute for Professional Development. IPD is a corporation dedicated to the enrichment of lives through higher education.

  • SI Sony Video Production

    SI & Sony Round Table

    Learn all there is to know about 4K video projection. Join in the conversation with Amy Escobio (Sony) and Blake Vackar (Screen Innovations).

  • First Serve Tennis Commercial

    First Serve Tennis Q1 2013

    This is the first of four videos we do each year for First Serve Tennis. First Serve Tennis is one of the most successful tennis specialty retailers in the United States.

  • RPM About Us Video Production

    Reed Prototype & Machining

    RPM needed a video to briefly explain their offerings and production process. We helped reveal their brand in a memorable and impactful way.

  • sony si logo

    SI & Sony Introduce 4K

    SI and Sony wanted to showcase their new technologies working together so that the products would look great, and also show off their great features.

  • First Serve Tennis Infomercial

    First Serve Tennis Infomercial

    This was the first long form commercial that we produced for First Serve, bringing in a new approach which included several interviews from the staff.