Neurobiologix TV commercial

Neurobiologix TV Commercial

Supplements by Neurobiologix – TV Commercial

Mindbox Productions recently did a shoot for a fellow Austin company called Neurobiologix. This company is dedicated to providing specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade supplements for anyone needing specialized nutritional assistance. Doctors recommend the high-quality supplements produced at Neurobiologix because doctors created them. From allergies to autism, this state of the art facility produces a wide range of healthful and well designed products. Their business is based on a “compression” model. This means that the doctors behind the formulations at Neurobiologix want their customers to get away from buying several different products to treat just one condition or several related conditions. Instead, they provide one product that contains all the powerful ingredients necessary to improve function and keep the customer healthy. All of their supplements are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility to the highest standards of quality assurance and good manufacturing practices. Each ingredient to be added into one of their supplements is quarantined as soon as it enters the facility. It is then tested extensively for purity, efficacy and safety. Each batch of the finished product is tested again for purity and no supplement will ever leave their facility without having first passed each and every test.



There are many people who have had their lives changed by Neurobiologix supplements. Mothers have watched their bipolar, depressed or autistic children come to new life to become fully functioning, happy and healthy children and teenagers. Some families use their products to simply stay healthy through stress, cold and flu seasons, and rampant life changes. If you just want to stay ahead of the curve, supplements from Neurobiologix can keep your mind and your body functioning at its absolute best.