Austin, TX Location Scouting: A Vital Service To Film Production

Austin, TX Location ScoutingBefore any of the lights are set up, and before any of the cameras start to roll, somebody has to go out and find the perfect place to film the scene for that motion picture or television show. The task of finding the location is up to an individual that is known in the industry as the Location Scout.

Welcome to the fascinating, and often invisible world of television and movie location scouting in Austin, TX. Although it is the job of the Location Manager to secure the rights, permission and necessary permits to shoot a scene at a specific location, it is up to the location scout to find the one best spot on earth which expresses the true vision of the scriptwriter so that the scene can be brought to life.

Once the scriptwriters, producers and directors have finalized their decisions concerning the general kind of scenery required for a particular shot, a search needs to be conducted for a suitable place outside of the studio that satisfies the requirement. In order to build a database of good locations, scouts will seek out just the right places that they think are interesting enough to likely end up on film, and photograph them.

Perhaps the most important factor that goes into the decision making process of the film maker concerning location sourcing is the overall aesthetic of the site. Other critical factors would include: matters of logistics pertaining to the safety and comfort of the cast and crew, feasibility in connection with scheduling and timetables, availability of services required to support a production, and of course financial costs of producing the shoot.

A good location scout is somebody that can think on his or her feet, is comfortable with multitasking, and is capable of doing much of their own research, footwork and photography to document location prospects. The location scout has a good eye for the aesthetics of an area, and is able to demonstrate a fair talent for diplomacy when dealing with owners and managers of possible project locations.

Your location scouting services provider is an integral part of the team whose mandate may include any kind of filmed art project imaginable. On “shoot day” your set needs to be ready, and if it is, you can be sure that most of the heavy lifting that went into making it so was done long beforehand by the location professionals who were out in the field hunting down and securing that perfect spot.