Commercial Product Photography

Whatever product you’re marketing, from a simple coffee mug to high-priced jewelries, how it looks on the front of a magazine or from a flyer given to passing individuals can greatly affect the impact of the product to the general market. Thus, being able to portray the right image and appeal for your products is of key essence throughout your entire business venture. If you’re looking for a photography studio that is highly competent and versed on industrial product photography, then you’ve come to the correct place. Below are the steps on how you can avail our services and the prices for the services we provide.

Professional product photography in a few comprehensive steps

First, tell us what you need or what the project is all about. Make a phone call or email the company so that you can interact with them and they can review the project and give you a price estimate on the spot. This particular step will also serve as a collaboration for both parties and aim at answering the questions that the client may have with regards to the upcoming project.

Second, ship the company your products. Securely pack it and ship it directly to the address of the company’s studio. To learn more about this process, read our simple shipping tips for useful suggestions and recommendations on respective items, including apparels, candles and lotion items.

Third, unpack and schedule the product shooting. The company will inform you when your products have arrived on their inventory and will confirm the necessary information that will succeed from the product’s arrival like correct payment data, order confirmation and schedule of shooting.

Fourth, the main photography and editing portion. The items will be photographed by a veteran in photography with the use of cutting edge professional camera bodies, lenses and lighting equipment.

Fifth, download the images. When the pictures are finished, the company will offer you with a private account alongside a username and password so that you can access the pictures by means of a secured image hosting server.

Last step, returning the shipment on your business. The company will safely pack up your items and facilitate the return shipment as soon as the shooting and editing is completed.

The quotes for every photography package deal is competitively priced on the respective requirements of your project. Prices are also based on several contributing factors including the size, project complexity and add-on features like transparencies. If you wish to determine the overall cost of your individual project, you can make use of several rate tables that are provided in our site as a guide.

Aside from the factors that are given above, there are other elements that may affect the rates, including group shots, shiny finishes, additional setup and assembly requirements and/or respectively challenging items to shoot. Prices may also go up when the client requires a rush service, wherein the project can be completed within the same day or next day. Transparency masking and dual resolution 24 megapixel capture are also optional features that clients can opt for that may yield additional expenses.