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MindBOX Productions Serves Clients with New, Top-of-the-line Camera AUSTIN, TX. – Video production leader MindBOX Productions has added a new, state-of-the-art camera, the Sony PMW-F3, to its lineup of professional production equipment. The camera features the latest video technology to ensure the images it produces are the best available. MindBOX added the new equipment to ensure that it continues to provide its clients with the superior quality video products and crystal clear images for which MindBOX has become known. The Sony PMW-F3 features a newly developed image sensor, offering creative shooting options like shallow depth of field, similar to features offered by film cameras. The camera’s high sensitivity also allows for

Sony Video Cameras

All of Austin has been covered with rain for the past week, so naturally we were getting a bit worried about our shoot for Monday. Thankfully the sun is now out and the weather is looking great! It should be sunny skies and warm weather! We will be shooting promotion videos for Ford Motor Company, as they are releasing the new 2013 Escape (and what a design change I might add!) Also attending will be Kick Kick Snare with 5 upcoming artists to perform throughout the day. All of this put together by Chad Hudson Events (who do an awesome job I might add, check out their portfolio.) Our 3 main cameras for the day are all Sony; the FS-100, F350, and the EX1R. Here they are, just finished prepping.

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Generally, marketing has been known to create awareness of goods or services you may have to offer. With time, many avenues have been adopted to drive significant sales in business. Video marketing is one of such avenues, which have proven to be a very cost-effective way for anyone to push their brand. Also, due to the visual aspect that video offers, your target audience gets to understand what product or service you are offering, and it helps them make informed decisions. Still not convinced? Read on. 1. Video marketing is a cost effective way of reaching your audience. Today, sites like YouTube seem to have received a lot of credibility, mainly because posting videos on the site is absolutely free. Since online videos are free, this

With all the work you put into your website it is only natural that as a site owner or webmaster you would be looking for new and interesting ways to be engaging your viewers. Most webmasters already know about SEO and are using all the tools at their fingertips to optimize their site and drive human traffic where they need it. The problem, however, is what to do once the prospective customers get there and how do to keep them there as you encourage them to return for more. One aspect of keeping your visitors engaged is a video, studies have in fact shown that videos tend to keep your visitors with you longer than they might have, if only for the fact that a video would be a bit more engaging. For those who have decided to include videos

SXSW 2012

SXSW 2012 Festival Planned in 3 Parts for Early March There is a two step online system that lets the SXSW community to be heard in film, interactive programming and music related conferences for this year. The first step is to give the community an opportunity to enter proposals for SXSW programming. The second step would allow other community members to browse all of the ideas and rate the proposals they like from best to worst. In 2012, the week for the festival will be March 9 to 18th. From March 9-13, SXSW will have its Interactive Festival; From March 9 through 18th, SXSW will have its film festival and conference while the Music Festival will round out the events March 14-18. SXSW events are held in Austin, Texas at the Austin

SXSW 2012 The 2012 SXSW Music Festival is only months away and the organizers have recently revealed their third round of invited artists to the music showcase. South By Southwest is an art convention/festival like no other. The festival began in 1987 around downtown Austin, TX and has been held there ever since. The festival is centered around the Austin Convention Center, but also incorporates a variety of local venues to bring a truly unique community atmosphere. The distinct divisions of the festival run independently, such as music, interactive arts and film. Thousands of artists and musicians will take the stage in March to reveal their contributions to the artistic community. The 2011 South by Southwest festival was the 25th

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