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Yodle, Inc., a New York-based firm formed in 2005, opened a new office in the northern part of Austin, Texas on Wednesday. The expansion is expected to bring in twice as many people working for the company than it has seen in the last several years. MindBOX Productions was on hand to film Yodle's ribbon cutting event. MindBOX Productions is a production company that is based in Austin, Texas. They provide top-notch photography, videography and other multimedia productions for all types of clients. MindBOX Productions aims to keep up with changing technology while using quality equipment. MindBOX Productions has over 20 years experience in the multimedia industry. They have worked with a wide array of companies from small businesses

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Web Video On YouTube. Image: Alex Washburn/Wired YouTube is the most popular site for sharing videos on the Web. It is the most visited website for entertainment and information. Nearly all the videos posted are produced by amateurs. However, the number of professional clips is increasing as businesses become aware of the power it brings to their online marketing. Today, YouTube is the hottest platform for companies to reach potential customers. Hosting a video on YouTube brings tremendous advantages, including: 1. Free hosting. Companies can host their videos at no cost. All they have to do is to set up an account and create a channel. Then, they can upload and post. As a free tool to

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There are endless business benefits from using the visual medium of videos. Graphical processes for videos can vary, depending upon whether green screen, motion, live action or 3D animation techniques are employed. However, regardless of which method is used, the steps are essentially the same. Collaborative Planning Initial discussions are critical at the start of any video project. During this time, clients describe the motivation behind the project so that expert videographers can decide upon a plan of action. Much in the same way that a film director works with a writer or crew, the message is distilled along with the purpose of the project. For example, with regard to corporate videos, messages and overviews are generally 90

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Video marketing is a method that spreads the awareness of products and services. Many people prefer to know about other people by watching videos instead of reading long, boring articles. A number of large, popular video hosting websites, like YouTube, are available to support any kind of promotion. The main point is that these videos are interactive, interesting and easy to comprehend. Video marketing comes with different benefits. Marketers can use this tool to build their professional image and reach out to broader audiences, which increases the number of website visitors and sales conversions. This type of marketing puts a business a step ahead of the competitors. Also, the information can be accessed at any hour of the day. People

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Last week we had the opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 company as they talked about an innovative cloud solution offering. Sounds simple, doesn't it, doing a steadicam following one of their subject matter experts walking around the campus shot around the company campus talking about their new innovative offering? We thought it would be something that could be easily done by our experienced crew, but as you could expect we had some crazy weather and other circumstances made it much more challenging that expected. Times like this made us appreciate our steadicam operator / cameraman, Ralph Watson, and crew all the more. Read on to find out all that our crew had to endure during this video shoot. Challenge Number One We arrived at the

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Toy Soldiers was a 1991 film directed Daniel Petrie Jr. and starring Sean Astin and Louis Gossett Jr. It focuses on a fictional preparatory boarding school taken over by terrorists. Plot The villain, Luis Cali (Andrew Divoff), is determined to get his drug kingpin father out of prison, but the elder Cali (Jesse Doran) has already been extradited to the United States. Cali and his mercenaries sneak into the country and take over Regis High School, where the son of the presiding judge attends. (They are unaware that the judge has already been sequestered to a secure location and cannot respond to the blackmail.) The school is full with the sons of other influential figures, many of whom had been expelled from other schools. Cali rigs

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Top 20 Movies Filmed in Austin - Filmmakers have been coming to Austin for decades. With 300 days each year of sunshine and a moderate climate, film crews can take advantage of the weather for year-round filming. Austin's topography and nearby towns can provide realistic locations for any number of time periods and natural settings. As a result of Austin's long history of advantages for filmmakers, it's home to a number of high quality studios. It also has a wealth of crew, creative,and talent professionals local to the area. Both these local professionals and the Austin Film Commission make filming in Austin easy and cost-effective. The local government entities also understand the value of filming in Austin and offer their support to

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SI and Sony wanted to showcase their new technologies working together so that the products would look great, and also show off their great features.

First Serve Tennis Infomercial

This was the first long form commercial that we produced for First Serve, bringing in a new approach which included several interviews from the staff.

Ford Escape Video

Ford and KKS put together a showcase of upcoming artists to promote the 2013 Ford Escape and they called upon MindBOX to capture the event.