Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

If you're looking for a compact camera with a host of options, yet still small enough to slip in your pocket, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design is an attractive choice. With a Super 16mm image sensor, this camera has an effective resolution of 1920x1080 and can capture 13 stops of fully dynamic range. It can record full HD video in multiple formats, and its Micro Four Thirds mount is designed to accommodate a wide range of lenses, offering you even more options. All of this and more is packed neatly into an attractive magnesium alloy casing, which is both durable and sleek, giving you the look of a camera with far less features, without the bulk of comparable devices. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is

replayxd 1080 camera

At MindBOX Productions we will occasionally use a point of view (POV) sports camera for challenging shots like action, motor vehicles or aerial videography. The POVshot sports camera has become increasingly popular over the past few years, leading to an increase in companies that are willing to manufacture it. Top camera companies, such as GoPro, Drift Innovation, Replay, and Contour are looking to get ahead in this range of cameras. The bigger names, such as Sony and JVC, are also interested in making an impression in the POV camera slot. The Replay XD 1080 is an outstanding camera, both in terms of its versatility and the quality of shots that you will get. It is straightforward to use, has a friendly interface, and allows you to make

First Serve Tennis Q3 2013

Our third quarterly update commercial for First Serve Tennis in San Antonio, Texas.

Film School

If you want to get into film school, you need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Film school is a great choice for the creative individual. You can follow these tips to get an edge in for a successful application to the school of your choice. 1. Is This What You Really Want? You may enjoy filming your friends and making YouTube shorts, but you need to be committed to pursuing a career in the film industry. It takes a lot of time and money to get your degree from film school, and the industry isn't always profitable. This is true for even the most talented student. 2. Research Your Options Film school has a number of paths you can choose. You need to do research to determine what path you want to take. If you want to study

Film School

1. University of Southern California Thanks to its new 60,250-square foot Interactive Media Building, the school has become an inevitable lab for those who are looking to work in the Hollywood. Over the past year, SCA has seen various other advances. The school’s division has been ranked at the top of all schools for the fourth time. They have an Imax theater coming to the school soon, so graduate and undergraduate students will be able to enjoy an array of facilities when honing their craft. They work to train individuals for the future and not for the past. The fall of 2013 marks the first time in history that the college will admit more females than they will males. Undergraduate Tuition - $45,602 Two-year Master’s -

Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. In this light, it's easy to see why companies spend so much time and money on making videos to attract new customer, boost sales and get their brand exposed. In order for this to be effective, however, businesses must be sure that the platform they're using provides them with superb content and a reputable place to host their videos. Unfortunately, a lot of companies completely miss their target audience due to a poorly thought-out strategy and a dearth of information relevant to the kinds of people they want to draw in. YouTube is a classic example of this sort of epic failure. Every minute, users from across the globe upload about 72 minutes of video to the

instagram video

Instagram users already know how powerful of a tool it can be. Whether you are sharing pictures with your friends or taking pictures of your latest culinary creation for sale, it allows you to connect with the world around you one picture at a time. Expand Your Capabilities With Video Video for Instagram is an cool new feature that gives users the ability to turn their pictures into 15-second video clips. These videos can be uploaded to your blog, website or social media page just like your pictures. Other Instagram users can follow your account, like and share your videos. How Does This Help Me? The Internet is becoming a venue that is obsessed with multimedia. Describing your product or service in plain text just won't cut it

MoVI M10

For decades in the film industry, the barrier to entry to shoot crisp, high quality action shots was ridiculously high. To even rent a SteadiCam to help you get the perfect shot cost a small fortune, but all that will be changing with the introduction of the Freefly Systems MoVI M10. Now, more digital video operators will be able to incorporate this technology in their videos where other camera gimbals in the past have failed. Among those new operators will be the team here at MindBOX Productions, as we are in line to receive one of the first models once they come off the production line. This means great things for all of our clients as you can see below how powerful this new system is for quality video production. The new MoVI M10

Hi, How Are You - From Austin Cult indie music hero Daniel Johnston was never meant for fame, but his work has spent some time on the national radar and touched multiple generations of musicians and artists. At the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain wore a t-shirt featuring the cover image of Johnston's 1983 recording "Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album." All of a sudden, people all over America wanted to know about this Daniel Johnston. Johnston's newfound popularity afforded him a number of lucrative business opportunities. In retrospect, this phenomenon was quite rare before the internet era and is even more surprising given the noncommercial nature of his work. While the commercial interest in his

Yodle Video Production

Yodle called us up again in need of a video highlighting the founders of their company for an upcoming award.