Austin City Limits 2017 Lineup and Amenities The Austin City Limits (ACL) annual music festival attracts hundreds of thousands of music patrons from all over the world. This year, their October music extravaganza will be held in Zilker Park. This beautiful retreat in the midst of a major metropolitan area creates an atmosphere absolutely ideal for hosting such a monumental event. With its spacious fields and excellent amenities, no wonder Jay Z has chosen to appear as the surprise headliner of this auspicious event. Other noteworthy artists to grace the many stages at Austin City Limits include, but are certainly not limited to, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Chance the Rapper, Martin Garrix, Ryan Adams, Solange, Glass


For four decades, the public television series "Austin City Limits" has entertained American households with live musical performances in an intimate studio setting. Long before Nirvana’s VH1 “Unplugged” debut, musicians like Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan treated Texan audiences to dimly lit, professionally produced glimpses at these live concerts. Eventually the program spread across the nation, turning into an inclusive venue for a wide variety of genres. It's actually the longest-running music program of all time, and it has triggered Austin’s transformation into a musical hot spot. Top talents want to record and perform in this decidedly unique city, which shuts down for two whole weekends each fall for the second of the

ACL 2013

The Austin City Limits Music Festival takes place October 4th to 6th weekend and the October 11th to 13th weekend. The festival is an annual three-day affair that features major stars and up and coming artists. There is literally something for everyone with eight stages and over 130 bands. There is a rich diversity of genres represented included Americana, Indie, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, and Rock music. The festival takes its name from the legendary PBS concert series. Austin City Limits set the bar high for concert television. Over the years it has featured the legendary performers in almost every genre. Austin City Limits has also introduced numerous musical artists to a wider public and help jumpstart their careers. The


Harmon Brothers Team up with Poo~Pourri Does your sh*t stink? That conundrum has been popular for years, but when it came time for Jeffrey and Neal Harmon to promote a new product called Poo-Pourri, a "before you go" toilet spray, he chose to use one of the most powerful tools of the Internet age available to him, the viral video. Viral videos are nothing new, of course. Everyone has seen newscasts that feature the latest video that has "gone viral," but what is it, really? A viral video is simply a video that becomes popular via the process of Internet sharing, mostly through websites such as YouTube, social media such as Facebook, and email. Several years ago Jeff Harmon, his brother, Daniel, and writer/director Joel Ackerman

Neurobiologix TV commercial

Supplements by Neurobiologix - TV Commercial Mindbox Productions recently did a shoot for a fellow Austin company called Neurobiologix. This company is dedicated to providing specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade supplements for anyone needing specialized nutritional assistance. Doctors recommend the high-quality supplements produced at Neurobiologix because doctors created them. From allergies to autism, this state of the art facility produces a wide range of healthful and well designed products. Their business is based on a "compression" model. This means that the doctors behind the formulations at Neurobiologix want their customers to get away from buying several different products to treat just one condition or several related

E-MDs Conference Video

A commercial inviting attendees to the yearly conference that E-MDs hosts for educating medical clinics on software functionality.

Neurobiologix TV commercial

A quick one minute national TV spot for Neurobiologix: provider of medical supplements.

Sony PMW-F5

Review of the Sony PMW-F5: Our Newest Addition MindBOX Productions has just added a sleek new Sony PMW-F5 to our company equipment stash. While this means another source of beautiful high-res images for us to work with, it also means our customers will continue to be provided with great products from the latest technology. The following review on the Sony PMW-F5 highlights some of our favorite features in this camera. Shooting High Def The Sony PMW-F5 is capable of shooting in gorgeous HD 4K detail--even for projects you are planning to edit and distribute in HD 2K. Whether you are shooting for digital theatre projectors or web ads, the Sony F5 is able to go above and beyond ordinary HD cameras with texture reproduction, color


What I Learned From Entrepreneur Kevin O'Leary I recently had the opportunity to spend time with Kevin O’Leary, the venture capitalist who is one of the ‘sharks’ on the hugely popular show “Shark Tank”. O’Leary helped develop the television series “Dragon’s Den,” a Canadian reality show where entrepreneurs get to pitch their ideas to millionaires in the hope of finding someone to invest in their concept. (“Shark Tank” is the US version of the show.) On the show, O’Leary is brutally honest with the entrepreneurs, especially those who are not prepared. He is also a host on “The Lang and O’Leary Exchange,” a television show that summarizes the day’s major business stories, which airs on weekdays on CBS. All this, plus he writes books and runs

Matt Lauer today show

MindBOX Productions On The Today Show with Matt Lauer Guerrilla marketing is a revolutionary methodology that can revitalize any brand’s public outreach. Unconventional promotion techniques can be used to connect with a wide array of potential new clients. Every entrepreneur should utilize the expansive capacity of advertisements that focus on bringing their message directly to the consumers. These mechanisms of business campaigning rely on stealth tactics combined with viral distribution. Underground promotions offer excellent opportunities for businesses to collaborate. A single advertisement can be the cumulative result of several organizational efforts. For example, if a business wants to place stickers around town to brandish their