Austin Texas Film & Video Resources

Film & Video Production Schools

Austin, Texas remains one of the top cities to learn about and make new movies. There is an abundance of schools and resources available, along with many other people who are interested in the industry.

To help you find exactly what you are looking for, here is a listing of the opportunities that are available to individuals looking for more information in the film and video production industry.

Austin School of Film | MindBOX Productions

The Austin School of Film will help educate you on every aspect of film production and creation. From the beginning steps of putting your idea on paper, all the way to how to distribute your completed project, you will learn the appropriate actions to take with this school. The Austin School of Film also offers in-house equipment rentals for those looking to begin their video-making process. The school also has courses that will coordinate around your busy schedule, allowing you to begin learning when it is convenient to you.

Austin Film Society | MindBOX Productions

For more than two decades, the Austin Film Society has worked closely with the Austin film community to promote the appreciation of film, while supporting creative media production by kids and adults. The Austin Film Society wants to see young filmmakers take their passion for the industry to the next level. They offer a bevy of programs and scholarship opportunities that will afford these young people all they need to fulfill their dreams.

Furthermore, if you are simply a cinema aficionado, you can attend the Austin Film Society movie screenings. These classic films are sure to expand your appreciation for movies, while also teaching you a bit about history.

Channel Austin | MindBOX Productions

channelAustin provides people with an affordable way of attending media training classes. Upon completion of these classes, individuals will then be given access to the resources provided by channelAustin. These are the same resources that are used on popular Austin cable channels 10, 11 and 16.

For the youth of Austin, channelAustin has the mission to get a camera in every young person’s hands, as they believe they all have a story to tell at such a young age. And for the more advanced students, channelAustin can help with more professional training to help you with you career goals and ambitions.

Any Austin resident can enroll in channelAustin workshops, which will then allow them to rent equipment and produce productions for television. For those living outside of Austin, but are still interested in working with channelAustin’s great resources, you can still do so by paying an extra fee.

Austin Community College | MindBOX Productions

Austin Community College works closely with students to train them in careers in film, television and video. With the ever-changing dynamic of technology, ACC offers a focus on current technologies, as well as how they are developing and emerging. While doing so, students are able to familiarize themselves with the most valuable tools they can use during their production process.

Also at Austin Community College, students will be given access to their state of the art production studio. Also, throughout the year they host guest instructors and speakers from the filmmaking community, to inform students of what to expect in the industry. And lastly, ACC works with its students to try and find them internship opportunities that will begin them on a career path that they can utilize the lessons they learned at the school.

Art Institute of Austin | MindBOX Productions

The Art Institute of Austin offers an entire course catalogue of classes that will help students learn digital audio, video and motion graphics. Whether you are a beginner or a novice student, you will learn how to construct and formulate every step along the way of the production process. The Art Institute also offers some of the latest digital productions equipment that will help give students the competitive edge once they graduate. With a degree from the Art Institute of Austin, you can begin on a career path as a video editor, camera operator, assistant director, a scriptwriter or more.

Austin Film Works | MindBOX Productions

Austin FilmWorks has offered college level filmmaking courses since 1993. Their students come from some of the city’s largest universities, corporation and art communities to come together and experience the process to create their own film and video projects. Through their process of technical and aesthetic grounding, they look to educate individuals on how to control the entire creative process of creating a film. They work to challenge their students, so that they are prepared for anything the media industry may throw at them. Austin FilmWorks mission statement believes that filmmaking is both hard and fulfilling work, and that the process should always be fun.

Online Video Training & News Sites

If any of the aforementioned options do not work for you, there are also many online resources that are provided for individuals looking to get into the film, video and media industry.

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker who, for the past 7 years of his 24-year career has specialized in creating incredible film-like images with low budget video. His most know work is created with Canon DSLRs. As one of the biggest evangelists for their use in productions his website became the place to go to for budding filmmakers as well as experienced ones keen to embrace the new technology. His site now regularly has over 1,000,000 visitors a month.

Vimeo Video School

The Vimeo Video School works closely with students using DSLR cameras. Their website also has some useful tools from people in the industry who use DSLR cameras and beginner equipment. It’s quite useful for those wanting to learn the basics of the industry.


ÜberProducer offers many lectures from those that have been in the filmmaking industry for years. This is a great source to resource when you have questions about your potential project.

Media College

This free website offers tutorials, references and other material that is great for educational purposes. No matter the media type that you use, you can find useful information on Media College.


StudioDaily compiles daily news, media and video and puts it all in one place. This is a perfect resource to find out information about technology that is continually expanding and growing.


For $25 a month, members of Lynda can get information on editing, color correction, sound editing and more. The resources available are certainly worth the membership fee.

Cannon Digital Learning Center

If you love shooting with your Cannon DSLR camera, this site will be a great resource for you. This site offers instructional videos that help you shoot better video with your camera.

Final Cut King

Final Cut King offers some of the most extensive tutorial collections available. Furthermore, it works with some of the most relied upon audio equipment programs available.

Film Riot

Film Riot is a great resource for looking at film making in a way that is different than the typical process. From how-to videos, to completion of films through production, you can find everything you need, in an interesting and new way, from Film Riot.

With the popularity of film and video production continuing to grow, so does the resources available to those interested in the industry. However, this list of resources is a great starting point for anyone testing the water, but also for those looking to take their media talents to the next level.